The specialist in cargo lifts.

Quick and safe relocation of goods with Hublift cargo lifts With over 25 years experience in materials handling, we are happy to advise our customers on customized goods lifts.

Cargo Lifts

Cargo Lifts by Hublift are all custom-made, the elevators have been developed as the most reliable in their class, are very quiet and comply with the latest safety requirements.

Passenger Lifts

Passenger lifts by Hublift are all custom made. This can be a simple platform lift where the control button is held during the vertical movement or a more advanced system.

Car Lifts

Depending on the specifications, the Hublift car lifts can be equipped with 2 or 4 masts and with a single or double platform / roof. Capacity from 2500 – 8000 kg.

Why Hublift?

For entrepreneurs who want to expand, make optimal use of, or find a smart solution for their storage space in their new or existing building. Since 1994 we have experience with internal transportation. We are happy to think along with you. Curious who we are? Check out the About Hublift page!

Automate your processes, any desired format and design, each cargo lift is custom-made to fit your requirements. We ensure that every lift meets the needs of your employees and your company. Safety is paramount at Hublift, all lifts are delivered with the highest safety level in its class. Specialized employees are always ready to support. Maintenance is available when it suits you.
After installation, the lift has been tested, certified and your employees have been trained to work efficiently with the lift.

Example project

Hublift supplies lifts throughout Europe, there is always a lift in your area that you can visit in case you want to see an example (by appointment).

Looking for a customized goods lift, or a goods lift with attendant?

We deliver hydraulic goods lifts according to the machinery directive and ensure that these customized products meet your requirements. Safety is paramount at Hublift, all lifts are delivered with the highest safety level in its class. After installation, the lift is tested, certified and your employees are trained to work efficiently with the lift. View all Hublift products.

The Process

Hublift is a specialist in tailored advice, production, installation and maintenance of your lifts.

In Hublift, personal contact is important! We are happy to think along with you and ensure that your new elevator best meets your needs, e.g. improving productivity and reducing the physical strain on your employees

An Hublift elevator is solely produced and assembled from the finest quality materials. That is why Hublift provides a 24-month warranty on all parts of every type of lift. The production takes 8-9 working weeks to complete.


A team of specialized technicians ensures that your lift is carefully assembled. After installation, the lift is tested, your employees are instructed and there is room for questions.

Duration of installation varies depending on, among others, implementation of your lift and conditions on site.

To ensure trouble-free operation of your lift, we offer customized maintenance . The maintenance is adjusted to your wishes and the intensity of the use of your lift.

If regular maintenance is performed, optimum use of your lift is guaranteed and you are entitled to a 24-month guarantee on all parts.

Let’s Work Together

We are happy to advice you and ensure that your elevator meets your needs, no bells and whistles that cause unnecessarily high prices. We focus on the origin of the request to create the elevator that fits your needs perfectly.