Outdoor cargo lift

Lack of space can be a reason to purchase a Cargo lift, but it can also be a reason not to purchase the elevator. When the entire space is in use, there may be no room for an elevator. That is why Hublift not only supplies goods lifts for your warehouse, factory hall...

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Hublift Car lifts in the spotlight

In addition to goods lifts, Hublift also supplies various other lifts, such as goods lifts with roller conveyors, passenger lifts and car lifts. In this blog we focus on car lifts. Hublift delivers tailor-made car lifts, the car lift is designed and produced entirely...

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Renovation or new construction

Hublift can advise you on the best possible solution for horizontal or vertical cargo transport within your company. It is important to contact Hublift at an early stage in the event of a renovation or new construction in which a cargo lift is desired. This prevents...

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Hublift 1-masted cargo lifts

Hublift delivers customized cargo lifts, the ideal cargo lift comes about after good consultation with the client and careful assessment of the possibilities on location. What is possible within Hublift? We will show this by means of a number of examples. In this...

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Stay safe: covid-19

Due to the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 virus, we would like to inform you that Hublift is following the measures that our government advises us to take. We are still in operation and available as always, so if you would like more information about our...

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Let’s Work Together

We are happy to advice you and ensure that your elevator meets your needs, no bells and whistles that cause unnecessarily high prices. We focus on the origin of the request to create the elevator that fits your needs perfectly.